Anyone successfully using the KCS methodology with insights and tips to share?

  • 1 July 2022
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Research shows that far too many organizations still struggle with knowledge management.

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS, and formerly known as Knowledge-Centered Support) helps. But in my experience this is geographically popular with some regions more likely to use it than others. 

So who is using it and where? And what would you advise others on re its use? Thanks :)

1 reply

Hi Stephen, I am a KCS practitioner, and help knowledge workers and the organization to adopt KCS practices for their service management goals. You are right KCS is a bit geographically popular e.g. it is popular in US than in Europe. Also, you will find many practitioners in India but not in South America or in other parts of Asia. Very good question, however is a bit generic. 1. KCS must be adopted for greater organizational objectives not only limited to keeping a knowledge base e.g. organizational learning, new ways of working (culture), change management, job satisfaction of knowledge workers, and outcome measures etc must not be ignored. 2. A governing council to define strategy, objectives and communication. Buy-in from the line managers is critical and they must be part of a governing council. 3. A thorough assessment of a. technology, processes, practices, enablement, knowledge management governance, and management buy-in must be carried out by an experienced KCS program manager to help define a vision and design and planning of KCS adoption. 4. It´s a cultural shift in ways of problem solving and therefore a KCS Coaching program is a must 5. Understanding activity vs outcome measure, and treat them accordingly. A green watermelon from the appearance could be red inside. :) Meaning, not attaching goals on activities. These are the ideas came to my mind for now. One can learn a great deal of KCS through Consortium´s KCS practices and adoption guides. <> Also, one can leverage the case studies and KCS “action” events. If you agree, and would like to share your experiences or would like to discuss more, please let me know. I like to call myself a self-proclaimed ambassador of KCS methodology. I hope this helps!! Cheers!!