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  • 1 August 2022
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Hey FS Community!  I’ve been the Freshservice admin for our org for 1.5 years and would consider myself an advanced user for anything offered in the GUI.  However, we’re looking to do more advanced routing of tickets and I’m having trouble with some of my syntaxes when it comes to creating API’s.  A lot of it is simply not understanding the “lingo”.  I’ve taken LinkedIn Learning courses, watched a few API intro courses on YouTube.  Does anyone have recommendations of how I can become more familiar with how to use them?

Right now my focus is on creating new tickets based off items selected in a Service Catalog.  The below is almost a foreign language to me.  I don’t know what all the -v -u -H placeholders are, etc.  What am I supposed to do with this sample code?  Just looking to be pointed in the right direction.





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Hello @zebb.s curl commands can be a bit mysterious. My suggestion to learning APIs and making requests is to use a tool like Postman. Watch some tutorials with that tool and it will help you understand what parameters you are passing in the header of the request and how to understand the responses you get back. Then once you understand the basic syntax of how to build a request you take that and build in a Work Flow Automator. Feel free to DM me if you need some additional help. Take care!

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@zachary.king I appreciate it!  I may take you up on that.  :)