• 22 September 2016
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Hi there, we have reviewed the documentation and trying to better understand how approvals work.  Is there documentation that explains in detail what an approval can do or can't do?

For example, in the following dispatcher rule detailed in the attachment,

What exactly will the approval be doing to this service request?  With my test account who is an agent I can see the ticket is created, I can access it, I can see there is a pending approval which has not been approved, what seems confusing is as an Agent I can still edit the ticket, resolve it, etc.  Is there any Validation the approval can perform for example "TIcket can't be resolved until approval is approved"?


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Hi Brian,

I am glad to inform you that, we would be able to make approval mandatory before resolving a ticket with the help of a Freshplug.

As the default behavior wouldn't support this requirement hence we require a Freshplug (simple j.script to tweak some ticketing option's to achieve unique workflows) to achieve this. 

I have created a support ticket #798086 on behalf of you and will keep you posted upon creating the Freshplug for this requirement.