Auto Assignment and Tickets created outside Business Hours

  • 6 December 2018
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We're currently using automatic ticket assignment (Round Robin) with an Agent Group. Our Support Team is only available for 18 hours of the day. When agents are done at the end of their shift, they turn off Auto Assignment to ensure they are not assigned tickets outside of their shift.

Some customers will create tickets outside of Business Hours. Since no agent has auto assignment enabled during these overnight hours, these tickets are not assigned to anyone.

While we can request that agents that are on the morning shift to check the Unassigned view for any tickets that came in overnight, I'm wondering if anyone else had suggestions on how they handle this particular situation.

In an ideal world, Freshservice would look for any unassigned tickets and distribute them bit by bit once agents start becoming available (by enabling Auto Assignment).

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1 reply

I wanted to share this response from Shyam at Freshservice Support as it's a good piece of information to have. While it does help in regards to a method to use to keep an eye out for these kind of tickets, I'm still curious as to what actions other support teams out there are using to handle this. (Guess this was more a brainstorming type of question for best practices.)

The best way to handle this would be to use the workflow automator to perform actions on any tickets raised outside your business hours.

There is a 'Condition' in the workflow automator module that checks if a ticket was created outside the business hours you have set up on your system:


So for the event 'Ticket is raised'. you can use this condition and then perform any action that you think will fit for this case. 


Right off the top of my head, I can think of actions such as 'Send email to requester' to let the requester know that the ticket was raised outside business hours and somebody will respond as soon as they are available. You can probably assign the ticket to a group or a single person so that one person can have the responsibility of looking at them the next morning.