Best way to add two levels of No response Breach

  • 8 July 2022
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I am trying to figure out what is the best way to handle this procedure.


First I want to be able to send a custom email immediately when first response is breached to Agent “A”. 

Second I want to be able to a second custom email 1 hour after first response is breached to Agent “B”.


I’ve looked around and cant figure out what the best combination of SLA and Supervisor rules should be used to accomplish this.



2 replies

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Immediately you need to set in the SLA policy, you change the mail in the admin → Email Notifications
But you can only do that to assign agent/group.  You could have a automation that assign all tickets to agent A if it’s created and placed unassigned.

Hour after you need to set in Supervisor.  I recommend setting a Tag as well, FirstContactBreached. 
And have that tag as a criteria as well, so you don’t get a loop.  Can be sent to a specific agent. 

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If you use an SLA policy you can send an email immediately once there is a breach as @daniel.soderlund mentioned. For your second escalation you can use an escalation rule to escalate the ticket to a specific agent/agent group. Then create a workflow that sends an email notification when a ticket is assigned to an agent or to an agent group. That email can be customized inside the workflow action node.