Best way to Link Incidents with Service Requets

  • 11 July 2019
  • 2 replies

are several scenarios where an Incident triggers a Service Request. For
example, "computer cannot boot" incident which leads to the service
request for "new laptop". From the Incident, we are unable to add the
Service Request as a linked/child item. It seems that if the original ticket is
an incident, only incidents can be add with the same true for service requests.

How is everyone else handling these type of tickets?

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2 replies

I too see that the option to 'add item' from within the incident ticket is not available. What I currently do is 'Merge' the ticket with an already created SR. In your case, you would simply create the SR for 'new laptop' and then merge the two. If there's another way to do this I'm all ears!

As a feature request, I would like to see this added as an option. When viewing, for instance an 'Incident' ticket, the 'Associate' menu in the upper right corner should have an option for 'Service Request' as well. There's options for Problems, Changes and Projects, but not Service Requests? 


Hi all, 

I will forward this case to our product team and see if we can get this enhanced in our future deployments.

We also recommend converting the Incident to a Service Request for the replacement request that you receive. 

Please let us know if this isn’t helpful. 

Happy supporting!