But? How to show/hide Content Fields via Business Rules?

  • 29 June 2022
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Hey there,

I’m trying to show/hide content fields via Business rules, but there seems to be a bug and they don’t react on the field type “Content”.


The use case is to show different instructions for the Description field, depending if the requesters reports an IT issue, or an issue with a company car or…

Is the bug known? Is there any workaround?

The secondary approach of nesting right inside form is not applicable, as the main-topic selector is not next to the Description field, we have detailed other form fields inbetween, so it would be bad UX to place the advice there.




2 replies

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Hi again, update on this one: 

generally it works, but after clarification with Freshworks support they figured out my special case is blocked by a bug appearing in rare conditions: by a date field placed in a dynamic section above in the form. They showed me a workaround which works for my case (putting the dynamic section below the content fields) and they are working on resolving the bug. Good work from Freshworks support!



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Glad to hear they were able to identify the bug, and present a workaround. 💪