Canned responses

  • 24 March 2014
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Canned responses in Freshservice help you save time by creating stock replies to tickets. While replying to tickets, the agent can choose to quickly reply with a canned response.

Look for the canned response icon in reply to ticket view as shown below.

It brings up the list of canned responses you have already created.

Select the desired canned response and hit send.


Next to the canned responses icon, you see a knowledgebase icon. Click on that to bring up your solution articles. You can choose to reply to the ticket with a specific solution article.

It works the same way as canned response. We have gone one step ahead and let the agent choose if he wants to just send the solution link or the solution content to the user.

1 reply

Userlevel 2

I am getting ready to launch FS for 60 agents in 8 service teams very soon. It is disappointing that in a product level without the ability to customize security roles, there is no option for agent group members to share their canned responses within the whole agent group. It is not practical for several agents to have to share their standard canned responses with each other outside of platform.

To work around this limitation, I created a Solutions category meant only for agents to use as resources. Each folder within is set to be visible to all agents or a single agent group. Within any of these folders any agent can create a standard canned response type article instead of a canned response. It is then available to other agents in the group to be inserted into replies without any onerous non-platform coordination.

I hope you like my idea!