Cannot change a Service Request to an Incident

  • 28 September 2016
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I have created a ticket as a Service Request (because it was split from a reply to a very old SR) and now cannot change it back to an Incident (the new issue is an incident)

The Type field in the Ticket Properties panel is greyed out and cannot be changed. This is also the case if I Edit the ticket through More-> Edit

Please could you advise?

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12 replies

Hi Charlie,

Hope you are doing good!

I have replied to you requesting for your availability for a call in a support ticket #789939.

Looking forward to hearing from you so that we can set up a call and help you with the workaround.



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I also need to change SR to Incidents.

Many users classify them incorrectly and we need to classify them correct.

Please could you publish the work around so that all users who need it can apply it?

Hey Charlie,

Sorry for the delay.

We will make the option to convert Service Request to Incident by end of this month.

Will keep you posted once it is made available.



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Hi Charlie,

Hope you are doing well!

We have made the changes in the system and you will be able to convert Service Requests to Incident from now.

We appreciate your patience while we were working on it.

Feel free to write back for further support.



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Hi Jayesh,

We noticed when you convert the SR to an incident, it wipes out all of the data under "Requested Item" which holds the body of the request. Is there a manner by which I can convert a SR to an incident and not lose all my data (aside from copying the text of the SR, converting the SR to an Incident, then Editing the ticket description by pasting the original text). 

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Hi Justin,

As you are aware we have Requested Item tab only for the type Service Request which enables the function to add multiple Items or process the workflow for the approval process. 
As a Workaround, you can add a Private note of the Service item description using the Webhook function in automation and use it as a reference for the requested Item.

Also, can you help us understand the workflow around carrying the Service item detail in an Incident?This will help us to understand and find out if we can provide an alternate solution.

We have same issue with converting SR to INC as Justin mentioned. Use case is very simple, users are creating Service Requests instead of Incidents, full stop.

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Hi Artur,

Currently, we allow Agents to change Service request back to Incident however, Service item details would be lost. I understand the case where the user chooses Service request rather than Incident and would like to know what information that you like to carry to the Incident because the Service request still wouldn't carry any relevant information on the issue faced by the User. 


I do not agree with you. It depends how you define Service Requests and Incidents. Users do not know ITIL so well to understand the difference.
I don't accept that you are making decision for me. Why you cannot understand that removing any content from ticketing system is wrong.

Please do not ask us about justification.Just try to understand us and accept that we need such function. Be more customer oriented guys!



removing anything from a ticket is criminal. Should be converted to a private note.

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I know this is marked as resolved, but there really should be an option that the items could be converted to a private note after changing from service request to incident. This can not be done with an automator, since the automator runs after the information is deleted.