Close ticket silently from iOS app?

  • 25 July 2019
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Maybe I'm not remembering correctly, but I thought that in the iOS app when closing a ticket, there was a switch that would appear, asking if you wanted to notify the requester or not.  But I was trying to close a ticket yesterday in the app and couldn't find a way to do it silently.

Is there a way in the iOS to suppress notifications when closing a ticket?

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4 replies

Hello Michael,

We've integrated notifications from web and mobile together. We had to remove the switch that lets you notify a requester while closing the ticket on iOS app and unfortunately, we don't have a way to suppress the notifications, as they are triggered based on requester preferences.



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Thanks for your reply!

But this doesn't make sense, as I can still silently close a ticket through the web GUI. Why the web but not the app?


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This has now been removed from Android as well. Agree with Michael - your response doesn't address the question in any way. Notifications to agents have zero bearing on this product function to not email the requester. The preferences you screenshotted are agent preferences. Requesters do not (and should not) have preferences as to how our ticketing system can communicate with them.

This is the removal of a product function without warning and is not acceptable in any capacity.

Hi Andrew, 

I apologise for missing this post. The ability to close a ticket "silently" was missed due to a breakage but we have rectified the issue and you can now close tickets without a notification being sent to the requester. 

I hope this is helpful. 

Thanks for using Freshservice!