Creating an email alert for a custom ticket date field

  • 17 May 2022
  • 2 replies

We are using a custom ticket date field called ‘Pending Date’ for tickets that require future dated action, however, I am trying to create a way of creating an alert when we near this ‘pending date’.

Can anyone provide any guidance on how this can be achieved?


2 replies

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Hello @cmartin322, I think you will need to wait until this feature becomes available 

Once this is in place then you can time delay your automations.

A more complex solution would be to create a custom application that runs in the ticket background, uses the freshservice API to get the ticket details, looks at your custom field and runs a conditional based on that date. If it meets the time frame you are looking for it can send a “Toast Notification” (Banner) to the agent containing your alert.

We use something like this to raises awareness to our Agents that a certain department is a VIP.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @cmartin322 - have you looked into the SLA timers?  You might be able to use workflow auto to set the [Due by] field (date/time) and then let the FW auto (e.g. Email Notifications or Supervisor) send the reminders for you.  Caveat I haven’t tried this myself - just speculation.

Actually the Supervisor rule might be a better option with a custom date field - the Supervisor runs every hour and it can do date calcs -

Set the conditions as [Pending Date - 10 days] and tags != “reminder email sent”

Set the actions as send email to assigned agent or anyone really, set tags = “reminder email sent”