Creating HR forms on Freshservice

  • 28 March 2022
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We are looking into using Freshservice for our customers to be able to complete a variety of HR forms on Freshservice that will go to either or both our pay and HR team. An example would be an Overtime claim form but Freshservice shows an error that field already exists because you cannot duplicate field names ie If someone works a variety of days you cannot put the Date Field more than once or hours worked. The form is currently on an excel sheet and has a table for customer to complete but we would like the opportunity to have this on Freshservice. I understand that there is no Tabular feature availble on FS yet. Does anyone have any advice?




2 replies

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@KHarrison Hello, have you thought about creating this form as a Service Request in the service catalog, instead of using the default ticket form for incidents? I think you should be able to create the necessary fields in a service item and allow users to send in their requests that way.

Just a thought, hope this helps!


Hi @zachary.king I forgot to mention that I am creating them as Service Items. Its just the functionality of being able to repeat fields and no tabular content that is causing issues

Thanks for the response though :)