Custom Scope?

Hi all - We're looking for a way to customize our scope settings.

In our freshservice, we have multiple teams:
Desktop support


human resources



corporate services.

Scope is a big issue for us right now. We'd like agents on each team to be able to VIEW all other team's tickets, EXCEPT for those belonging to human resources.

We could do this by adding each agent to all teams, but that is a poor solution. 

Is there any way we can change our scope so that agents can view tickets from all teams, modify tickets belonging to them or their team, but NOT view HR's tickets?

HR can have global view access. 


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The workaround you specified is the best solution for the time being.



in relation to the question being asked, i am a small company of 100 user and we are 3 agents who will work on all IT related tickets.

i've set up department and department heads who are requestors.

Is it possible to allow the department head to watch all his/hers department tickets and also be able to change the priority of the tickets, or must he/she be an agent.

in such a case i do not want them to be full time agents since they are not the admin users of this service. only the 3 agents i mentioned before.