Default View in Changes - Lacking Customization options

  • 17 September 2021
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I’m using Fresh Service and I’ve noticed some behaviors in the Changes area that’s causing me problems.  The default view, “New & My Open Changes” has the filter of agents = “me” or “unassigned”, created in the last 6 months and a status of “Open”.  The problem is that when people come into the Changes area no records are found in this default view because in our environment changes do not stay in the status of “open” very long, but people think of “open” as any change that is not closed.  I would like the ability to add statues to this default view but I can’t.  I can’t change the default view that people land on.  

Has anyone else struggled with this behavior and how have you found a solution for it?  


2 replies

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Hi @rce_wa ,

Not sure if the default view could be changed. I would suggest you to create the new filter and save it for all agents. You can request your team to access the new filter once and going forward it would land them onto the new filter created.


Hi @Glavin Crasta, thanks for the suggestion.  I found that the last viewed filter seems to only persist for the browser session.  Have you seen it persist longer?