Discovery Agent and macOS Catalina

  • 14 April 2020
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According to your article, macOS Catalina is not listed as a supported OS. I've installed the agent on two Catalina test machines. The first Catalina machine (configured in Jamf MDM) doesn't report at all. This might be a security setting blocking reporting; I need to investigate further.

The second Catalina machine reported, but its data attached itself to different device -- one that was used to migrate a user directory (using Apple's Migration Assistant) to the machine with the agent installed.

Anyone successfully using the Discover Agent on Catalina machines?

Thank you.

9 replies

Hi Donna,

We have recently added support for Catalina. The issues with the Agent scan will require further analysis. I have raised a case with our support team regarding this.

Best Regards,

Team freshservice

any resolution to this? we have the same issue

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Hi Shawn,

We are checking the issue with our developers and will revert to you with an update on the existing support ticket. 



Seems like a lot of people are having this issue. Interesting that we keeping taking the topic offline to support tickets instead of sharing on here what the fix was for each of these cases. 

I found 3 total similar community forum posts, don't know how many cases go directly to support for the same:   10 month old topic 1 month old topic 7 month old topic

In our case, being told that the installer will break the agent when run on the same computer more than 1x seems like a very poorly coded application, also have been unable to run "cleanup scripts" and a reinstall to fix the issue still. Hoping for an update this week...

We have same issue, any updates to this problem?

Hey John, the only fix is to push an uninstall script every time you push an install to make sure you don't break previously installed agents- its a terrible design and I have escalated this as high as I could go at FS but they don't seem to care.

ROFL, you HAVE to be kidding...

Not kidding at all. They said that they put in a "feature request" on my behalf. LOL.

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Hi Shawn and John,

We understand your concerns here. We have taken this to our product manager and I'll ensure we drop an update on the thread once we have an update from our product team.