Email notifications {{mobile_url}} does not render

  • 10 January 2020
  • 2 replies

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For the Requesters New Ticket Created email notification, there is a default placeholder included, "{{mobile_url}}" which does not populate in the email.

We are trying to build a URL that will open the mobile app to the particular item.  We have a custom URL for our helpdesk and thus have to modify the domain to reference the non-vanity url to invoke the mobile app.  However, it appears that building that URL manually and with the appropriate "ID" placeholder value added to the URL does not open to the particular item in the mobile app, it just opens the mobile app.

Has anyone solved this issue?

Does anyone know if the {{mobile_url}} placeholder ever worked or ever will?

Thank you!

2 replies

Hi Ryan,

I believe you are currently using the placeholder {{}} to include the ID of the ticket in the URL you are trying to build. Please use the placeholder {{ticket.original_id}} instead which will give you the ticket ID without prefixes.

Please feel free to reach out to in case you require any further assistance.

Best Regards,

Team Freshservice

Hi Ryan,

Adding to our last reply, please find below the links that would be able to launch via the Mobile App (iOS and Droid) by clicking on the links in the Emails:

  • "/helpdesk/tickets/*"

  • "/public/tickets/*"

  • "/support/tickets/*"

  • "/public/approvals/token"

  • "/support/login"

  • "/login/normal"

  • "/catalog/request_items/*"

  • "/support/catalog/items/*"

  • "/cmdb/items/*"

  • "/itil/requesters/*"

  • "/itil/changes/*"

You can prefix the above links with your Freshservice URL.

Hope this helps!!

Best Regards,

Team Freshservice