Emails from Freshservice going into Junk

  • 21 October 2016
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We've had reports from staff and clients and 3rd party suppliers that emails from our Service Desk (eg ticket replies or ticket notifications) are going into their Junk email folders.

Is anyone else experiencing this? It is causing major issues with clients thinking we have not responded.

29 replies

Raj, has there been any update to your email platform as you suggested? I am still seeing my responses to tickets going into the junk email folders of our users.

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Dear Odell,

As informed to you over the support ticket, we would be migrating to our own SMTP servers early next year. Once the accounts are migrated we will not hit the bulk compliance policy as we would be using multiple IP’s for outgoing. This should also resolve all spam email issues.


Yes, we're. We're seeing messages with "This sender failed our fraud detection exams and may not be who they seem like" for a number of the emails from Freshservice. Are you the usage of Office 365? I changed into just told through Microsoft that access with best temp mail websites they have got carried out a alternate and that we need to set a rule to skip junk mail filtering for the IP addresses of the Freshservice sending mail servers. There's a mismatch inside the P1 and P2 headers.

Hi All,

We have begun the process of migrating to our own SMTP servers. The migration is being done in batches. We will keep you posted once the migration is complete.

Best Regards,

Team Freshservice