Flexibility on Response method

  • 28 October 2022
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At present Freshservice only sees a ticket as responded to if you hit REPLY through the ticket itself.  We often log and resolve a ticket at point of call, but it doesn’t see it as responded to even though it has sent a resolve email to the requester.  Sending a REPLY email for the sake of getting a response then a RESOLVED email straight after causes additional work and doesn’t look good from the requester’s side either.  

I have a manual workaround in the reporting which looks at FIRST RESPONSE RESOLUTION VIOLATED = TRUE/FALSE, then reports on SLA response for the subsection that is TRUE.  Not ideal.

1 reply

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Hi @jemmad - If understand what you are saying:  your agents are creating the FS ticket to document the phone call and the issue is often resolved on the call - even before the ticket is created?

Could you use Workflow Automator to update the First Response Resolution Violated = FALSE if the CREATE DATE and RESOLVED DATE are less than 1hr or whatever your SLA is.

Or you could look at having your agents just add a public note to the ticket → FYI a public note will satisfy FS First response needs but a private note will not.  Then when the agent sets the ticket status = Resolved the email can be sent as usual.