Forwarding acceptance email creates a new ticket

A user has send an email to our helpdesk.

This email is converted into ticket [INC-20557].

The user recieves an email telling him about this ticket.

The user forwards this email to the email address of one of our agents.

The agent sends a reply to this user with our helpdesk in CC. The subject at that time is 'RE: [INC-20557] FW: laptop/phone/kaartjes'.

This reply has created a new ticket with the agent being the requester. The agent received an email with the subject '[INC-20617] RE: [INC-20557] FW: laptop/phone/kaartjes'.

Sounds like a bug to me...

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Hi Tiele,

We thread conversations to a ticket by reading the email subject. If the subject contains the Ticket ID as #INC-123 ('#' being the key character here), then the reply would be added as a conversation to the original ticket. In your case, it seems to me that the '#' is missing. It should have been [#INC-20557]

Can you please add the '#' symbol in your template and then check?.

If in case, the initial email that the user receives is from an automated rule, please add the '#' symbol before the {{}} placeholder. Please let us know if this solves the issue.


I didn't even notice that! Seems that only the reply template still had a #.

Should be fixed now. Thanks for the quick reply!

Glad I could be helpful :)