Forwards from Outlook all sorts of screwed up...

  • 6 March 2015
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Is anyone else having this same problem?

I've already accepted the fact that Agents can't forward emails directed to them over to FreshService because Outlook strips out the email address from the quoted email thread ... though, if they accepted Forward-As-Attachments .. that would fix THAT problem.

But is anyone else having a MAJOR issue forwarding emails into tickets where the resulting ticket is missing the ENTIRE email thread quoted in the forwarded email?

So user A sends an email directly to an Agent. Agent forwards email to FreshService -- and the resulting ticket has *NONE* of the original email sent by user A.

I'm kind of, sort of, working with tech support on this -- but I'm not quite sure they get it.

Anyone else dealing with this?

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2 replies

I've gotta give it to FreshService tech support. It took a little while, but they helped me figure out the problem.

My email command string was a substring of my company's email address --- so everyone's email address is displayed in their signature at the bottom of the email. So when you forwarded an email, FreshService's systems were seeing the email address in the sig as the start of an email command, and then barfing on the rest of the forwarded email.

Changed the email command string -- problem solved.

Hello - not sure if i'm in the right place but I'm experiencing this issue when forwarding emails from my Outlook to Freshdesk.  Outlook strips the original sender's email address from the 'From' field, and therefore it gets logged to my name, not theirs.  It seems like there is no way around this (see  - has anyone got a workaround?  Otherwise a brilliant set-up!!