Freshdesk-Freshservice integration: Allow Freshervice to initiate a ticket with Freshdesk

  • 30 November 2021
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The current integration assumes Freshdesk is always the ‘customer’.  In our organization we have two support areas for our employees; IT (Freshservice) and Business Systems Support (Freshdesk).  We have three needs.  This integration solves for one.  It would be great to solve for all three.

Business Systems request requires support from IT - solved

IT requires support from Business Systems - Unresolved

Ability to transfer a ticket to the proper helpdesk - Unresolved

Our business does not have a full fledged customer support area for all employee needs.  We have two support areas.  IT and Business systems. 

IT (Freshservice users) supports hardware and infrastructure such as phone systems and network. They also support licensed software such as Outlook, backups, etc.

Business Systems Support consists of business analysts and technical analysts that support our business systems used to perform business transactions; services and systems provided through integrations with external partners.

Ideally we would like a solution that could support a request that comes in through either channel whether a collaborative solution is needed or not.  A solution that allows us to get the request to the right area without adding the need for an agent to support a ticket simply as a pass-through.

8 replies

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Hi @BrendaM. Thank you for explaining your use case in detail.

Please do check out the newest update on the Freshdesk-Freshservice Integration. This native Freshservice-Freshdesk integration helps customer support teams on Freshdesk collaborate with internal teams on Freshservice and provide faster resolutions. This integration enables companies to streamline and accelerate the service management process and deliver outstanding support from a unified window.

Check this solution article that describes the How-tos of this integration:

Also check out the latest product update on this

@subhikshaa.ganesh can add more details to your question.

Happy Holidays :)

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Thank you for your response.  I do have that resource, but when researching whether the integration was two way, I found a post where an individual asked if Freshservice could initiate a ticket in Freshdesk.  The answer posted was no, but I since discovered that this may not have been exactly correct; or important details were missing.  My IT partner indicated that the Freshservice integration announcement indicated that Freshservice can initiate a ticket in Freshservice so it appears either platform can initiate a ticket in the other. 

We have time set aside next week to set up and test out the integration.  I’ll bookmark this response to have the additional contact in case we have any questions.

Here is a link to the post I was referring to:

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Hi @BrendaM. Thank you for that clarity. Let me call out our other experts as well to add in their points @rajagopal.baladhandayutham @sanofar.allahpichai @viswanatha.mehta.

Hope your testing next week goes on well and you get to clarify all your doubts. Do keep us posted about it. Take care!

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Thank you @rashmi.nag 

I just realized a typo in my message. 

Corrected statement: My IT partner indicated that the Freshservice integration announcement indicated that Freshservice can initiate a ticket in Freshdesk so it appears either platform can initiate a ticket in the other. 

Hi Brenda,  Did you have any joy with this?  We’re evaluating a hybrid Freshservice / Freshdesk setup at the moment and moving the occasional ticket from Freshservice to Freshdesk is a requirement.  The integration does seem to be a one way process as far as I can tell.  Did you find any way around this?

Any tips or tricks gratefully received.  :)

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@MartinP , we did not find a way around this and our process flow can’t be modified so we are hoping for a two-way integration in the future.  

The one-way integration from Freshdesk to Freshservice was successful but we don’t have as many use cases that work in that direction so I’m not sure that anyone has even used it in production.

Sorry I couldn’t provide better news, but I’m glad to see someone else with this need.  It was one of our primary needs but we elected to keep that manual due to the other advantages the Freshdesk platform provided us.

Let me know if you hear of or find a solution. :)

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Hi @BrendaM, @MartinP,

Thank you for your feedback. We understand that you are looking for a bidirectional transfer and sync of tickets between Freshdesk and Freshservice. We’ll be happy to raise an enhancement request and pass your suggestions to our product team. In the meantime, you can explore a custom integration option where you can automate creation/sync of tickets from Freshservice to Freshdesk using workflow automators and APIs. Here is our API doc:


Hello @sanofar.allahpichai any updates on if this feature will be implemented? This would be a great feature for our company to be able to have a two way ticket creation between the two products. We are limited on resources to go the route of the API.