FreshService Provisioning app - provisioning error on employee_id

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I’ve installed the FreshService Provisioning app to my Azure AD tenant, following the online instructions exactly, not making any configuration changes.

I add a test AAD user to the “Users and Groups” permissions to use the FreshService Provisioning app.

When I manually try and provision this test user and I am receiving the below error referencing the “employee_id”.


Export details


Failed to create User '' in Freshservice

Error code


Error message

StatusCode: BadRequest Message: Processing of the HTTP request resulted in an exception. Please see the HTTP response returned by the 'Response' property of this exception for details. Web Response: {"schemas":["urn:ietf:params:scim:api:messages:2.0:Error"],"detail":[{"field":"employee_id","message":"It should be of type Integer","code":"missing_field"}]}


Now from what I can discern form the above error, I need to add the custom attribute “employee_id” to the FreshService attributes within the FreshService Provisioning app, then map the appropriate Azure AD attribute (employeID) to this new FreshService attribute (employee_id).  But there are no instructions on the details of this process.  I know where to make all these changes, but I don’t know the correct format and values the attributes that are required to satisfy the above error.  Does anyone have any guidance on this?



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Can you be more specific on which app you installed?

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@MrLiquidBread Here is an example of the syntax we use to set custom fields in the Active Directory Automation App step. The ticket.ri entries are dynamic and pulled from the service request item. Let me know if this helps or if more information is needed.


{"physicalDeliveryOfficeName": "{{ticket.ri_167_cf_division}}", "otherMobile": "{{ticket.ri_167_cf_personal_cell_number}}", "proxyAddresses": "SMTP:{{ticket.ri_167_cf_e_mail_address}}"}



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Hello @MrLiquidBread 

Greetings to you,

Hope you’ve configured it from the following documentation :

Please check if you’ve selected the Automatic mode of provisioning and do a Test connection to make sure the connection is established between Freshservice and Azure AD for the users to be pulled in.

Next steps would be to configure the Field Mapping in Azure.We can set the provisioning status as “ON” and then provision selected users and groups or all the user and groups and users would be pulled in Freshservice.


Hope this helps!😀