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  • 28 June 2022
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How does the community feel about the ticket filters? I have a need to filter tickets to a specific region/group and this is easy but then I want to exclude certain groups/people from the list. I have not found an easy way to do this. 

My current workaround is going to the tickets I want to monitor and tagging them so I can search with that tag. The issue is if a new ticket comes in that I have not tagged, I will not see it. 

Other attempts:

I cannot use a requestor group to filter tickets, only AGENT groups

I can only search up to 3 requestors at a time, the group I need is 5-6 members


Just curious how many others would use/advocate for an exclusion filter on tickets or including requestor groups in the “Groups” ticket filter?

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Not sure I’m getting the question,  here is what I’ve done.

I have created three Agent Groups MyProductName , HelpDesk and On/Off Boarding. These are all restricted groups so if a ticket is tagged to one of the groups only agents in those groups can see the tickets.

When a ticket comes in it is assigned to one of those groups.

When I filter, I set the filter to one of those three groups.


In my scenario are you saying that if you have 4 agents in ON/Off Boarding group and a ticket comes in you want to restricted it so only 3 of the 4 agents can see the ticket/request?

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Hi Patrick, 

I am actually trying to filter specific requestors, not the agents. In your scenario if you have 50+ requestors but you, as an agent, want to only see 5 requestors tickets in the same list, how would you do that?   

Use Case: We have meetings with stakeholders and they want to see all their unresolved tickets together regardless of category or agent grouping. 

Being able to search requestor groups under requestors would be ideal: 

Thanks, Bryce