• 15 November 2018
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 I am trying to setup a webhook for Continuum to post its ticket updates.  They sent me the following about the payload they send  and how they send it to the webhook:

We  are passing the Content-Type  as “application/x-www-form-urlencoded” in POST request.

Body of the HTTP message sent to the server as a long query string -- name/value pairs are separated by the ampersand (&), and names are separated from values by the equals symbol (=). 




Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


Sample body:-




For GET there will be not body part, so no Content-Type. We will call the callback url  and the data will be append to the url


Eg:- http://mycallbackurl?action=new&NOCTicketID=201811150000001&NOCTicketNotesID=123456

How can I configure the webhook to work with this?


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Hi Wade,

It looks you are trying to trigger a GET through Webhook. Can you help us understand what is been achieved through GET request? If you are trying to retrieve the data and display it in Freshservice then I am afraid it may not be feasible as the Data through GET requests cannot be stored or passed as a variable into the Freshservice.

I would recommend using such triggers from the source to PUT such updates to Freshservice else, using Zapier or so should help you on this.

I will have this topic converted to Ticket and would contact you to understand the complete Workflow and see if we can offer a better solution.