Horrible View More / Hide Functionality

The software has just automatically updated to hiding most of the ticket until you click "view more"

This is horrible and means an extra mouse click for EVERY ticket we view.

Please could this be turned off, or made optional so I can turn it off? I have a very unhappy team!

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Hey Charlie,

I just wanted to confirm is it the view more option on the ticket description or any where else?

We have the same issue; would really prefer that option wasn't there

Hi Praveenraj,

Yes, it is in the ticket view, for example this one where the email has been forwarded, we can see no useful information without clicking on View More:



Hi Freshservice,

Please could you confirm when this change will be reverted/made optional?

Many thanks

Not sure if you heard back Charlie, however I've got a ticket open that is with the developers. 

I've just chased for an update to see when this bug will be fixed.

Hi Sam,

I haven't heard anything. Not sure this can be classed as a bug, more a totally unwanted feature!

Thanks for letting me know, please post any updates :)


Charlie - I got it removed by the Support Team via chat; they implemented a FreshPlug. 

I've just received an email back saying that this will be resolved within the next two weeks.

Thanks, Sam


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This is to inform you that, we have recently rolled out the fix and you shouldn't be facing the issue anymore. 

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Just adding to this for others who find this in the future: I was still having this issue today, so I chatted support and found out the following: The fix mentioned above adjusts it from showing only 4 rows to showing either 8 or 15 (it was unclear which). If you want it turned off completely, they added the following Freshplug:

Show in: Ticket ViewPage


<script type="text/javascript">




  }, 800);



Hi Amala,

I deleted and remade the freshplug and it appears to be working now.

I am still interested in whether there is a repository of these customisations?


Brad Rush