How does Freshservice compare?

This may seem like an odd question but I have recently applied for a position as an administrator for Freshservice.  I have experience with other ITSM tools (Supportworks, Ivanti Service Manger) with admin, configuration and customisation and have looked at the Freshservice Academy Freshservice Administrators course.  From an admin and config perspective, everything looks fairly standard and intuitive so I don’t have concerns about that.


At the moment I’m unsure what level if any of development/customisation might be expected in the role but in preparation I wanted to see if I could get an idea of how that aspect compares to other products?  Do any Freshservice developers have experience with other tools and can they give me their thoughts on how they compare?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @MrsP8

Greetings from Team Refresh Community!

I hope you are doing well. Thank you for reaching out to the community with your question!

Tagging a few folks here who can help with this @Vishal Nema, @ramsundar.radhakrishnan


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Hello @MrsP8 ,

Welcome to Freshservice! :) 
Like you rightly mentioned, most of the admin configuration within Freshservice are either no-code or low-code set-ups.

However, if your service desk is looking at integrating with 3rd party apps or customizing their end-user portal, getting familiar with Freshservice API documentation and Freshservice portal customization and layouts can be handy.  

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Hi Stace,

There is for sure lots of configuration, customization and development possibilities with FS at the same time as there also is some limitations in terms of flexibility vs some other tools such as Cherwell and Servicenow. However what you loose in flexibility with FS vs the two mentioned you gain massively in less complexity, no massive upgrade projects and more.

A strong recommendation is to try to align your usage of the tool with the functionality that’s already available and then develop the usage as new functionality and features gets available. To do this keep an steady eye on the roadmap and try to influence on important needs you might have. It’s better to work with the tool than against it and focus on all possibilities that are there rather than those few limitations you might find.

Good luck!