How much time taken in test sync of sandbox in Freshservice

  • 3 November 2022
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I am doing test sync for the first time in Freshservice. It not progressing beyond 0%. How much time does it take for this activity?

In case it does not progress at all, what should be done?

4 replies

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The Test sync is just struck at 0% since last 6 hours. Don’t think it will progress. There is no option to stop and start again in a different browser.

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@Ammar KB - could you please assist @bhota here at the earliest?

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Hi @bhota,

Could you let us know how many changes would it approximately be? If there are multiple changes, There could even be a time out while syncing and it would’ve stopped, You can always write to and we can have this raised to our backend team to have this resolved at the earliest. 😀

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There are very few changes

5 Workflow changes

1 Ticket Field

1 Business Rule

1 SLA Policy


I have raised a ticket which Kavithaa Parthiban from Freshworks is checking. Here is the ticket link

It will be great is the resolution can be expedited.