How to send email to reporting manager?

  • 27 September 2022
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  At our company we use Jumpcloud and Freshservice (growth plan). Both great tools :) Now i would like to move a bit further and start using approval based workflows. I have an issue when i don’t have reporting manager set for the user inside the Freshservice. So i figured out, i could grab it from Jumpcloud side, so made this flow:

A12 will get requester email and look for manager ID.
And A11 i get email of that user reporting manager. So far so good. I am happy. Now i think, i will add action to send approval email to.. And to my surprise i cannot use variables from A11. 

why there is this limitation?
So i tough about few workarounds:
1. update all users on Freshservice to have reporting manager info.
2. Send reporting manager field during SAML login (But there is a catch, that sending custom fields to Freshservice on first user login gives error and user can’t login, but Freshservice do not want to fix it)

What other options i have there?



2 replies

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As the format of the field need to be a “user” format to be able to send to someone. 
Need be looked up from the Freshservice user db. 

I would recommend syncing and then you can use that action. 



PS There are forum for just Freshservice as well Ds 


Yea, but why we have this limitation?:) I guess i will need to open a feature request.


Yea, i think so too, but like i said, if i sync non default values: firstname, lastname, but add extra: department, reportingManager. And my user logins from Jumpcloud via SSO, he will not be able to login as Freshservice will give the error, that it cannot update values. 
Workaround for this is for user to initiate SSO from Freshservice side and it then works. Strange, right?