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  • 6 June 2019
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Sorry I ask 3 questions at a time.

If you know below answer, let me know.

1.  How to create a new report divided by business hours?


2.  How to link incident tickets to knowledge base?

     I know problem tickets links knowledge base, but...

3.  When it comes to create a new report to see the numbers of tickets for each affairs,

     how can I do that? I already used tags.

You don't have to answer all, but if you know one of them please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi there,

To build reports based on business hours, you can make use of analytics which provides option for granular reporting. For your use cases 1 and 3, you can try configuring the reports by referring to the solution article. For reporting against specific affairs, we would recommend categorising the ticket or set up custom fields and assigning values for the same.

Analytics in Freshservice

We currently, can't link an incident to a knowledge base, however, in an incident ticket, you can attach a solution article by clicking on the solution option as explained here in this article . Also, if you are looking to create a solution article on top of an incident, you can use the kbase feature to do so. For further information on it, please refer to this article

Please reach out to us for any further assistance on the same.