Issue with tickets not being created when sent from Project Management Software

  • 21 September 2021
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 Hello, we are having an issue whenever we try to send an email from our project management software Workfront to an email inbox we have setup to create tickets in Fresh Service but the tickets aren never created. I verified by logging into the inbox that it’s receiving emails fine. When our users email this inbox directly it creates tickets fine. Anybody ever experience this trying to email from other software and it won’t create tickets in Fresh Service? 

2 replies

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Yes I have seen this. Are you using Office365 and is this mailbox a shared mailbox by chance?

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Hi @SMitchell1740,

We understand that the emails were not being converted into tickets because the below setting was enabled in Freshservice which expects a valid ‘Reply-To’ email address but the headers of the emails sent from your external PM tool did not have this information.



I hope we were able to resolve this issue over the support ticket created. Let us know if you have any further concerns.