Massive amount of spam referencing Freshservice out of nowhere

  • 6 January 2023
  • 3 replies


Out of nowhere this afternoon we have received almost a thousand emails referencing various 

 freshservice URLS in our ticketing system:

+2.975 ETH for you from system - Learn more here => HTTPS://

+2.975 eth to your ballance from airdrop - Learn more here >>

+2.975 eth for reward from system - Confirm -> HTTPs://

I checked our email service and they aren’t coming through there, I’ve tried adding rules to automatically move them to spam but none are working.  Did you guys get hacked??????!!!!

3 replies

It started for me about 10 days ago. I set up a rule to direct them to spam but get hundreds a day there. The URLs are not just freshservice email domains, though there are lots of those, its also gmail and others.


It doesnt seem to all over the internet. Its just CWard and me as far as I know, and we are both on Freshworks … so … yeah.. did Freshworks get hacked?

This hit our Freshdesk account today. It’s relentless, although we were able to auto-close them all by filtering for subject line keywords 🙄


I’ve got same mails. Starting from the 3th Feb, they still continue to come.
How to stop it?