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  • 14 March 2017
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Hi All,

Just wondered if anyone can share the work flows they use for merging calls. We generally use it in this scenario:

User logs duplicate or similar tickets
Tickets are merged with the first one being deemed primary
Secondary tickets are closed (not deleted)
All communication and work conducted in primary ticket

This seemed to work well for us but I came across an issue whereby an agent had requested some information from the user by replying to the primary ticket but the user's responses were logged in the secondary ticket that was closed. This meant that the agent was never alerted to the users response.

I have raised this with support but my understanding (or at least the way I want it to work) is that all comms post the merge should come into the primary and open ticket. Support have said this isn't the case :(

Any real life examples of how the merge functionality is used and understood would be great and appreciated.



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2 replies

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Hi Greg,


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this.

I certainly understand the case here where a user reply is getting appended to the secondary merged ticket and this sounds to be a flaw, however, we weren't successful in reproducing this from our Production and local accounts.

I will convert this topic to a Ticket and will help you with a resolution on further analysis.

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Hi Greg,

Seems, we already helped you with this issue by Setting the Ticket ID Placeholder  [#{{}}] in the Agent Notification and that seemed to have made the e-mails start merging into the Primary ticket.

Hope its working fine now.