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  • 10 July 2021
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I wondered if there was a method to convert a MS Teams chat to a ticket,  A lot of the comms now come to specific agents via Teams rather than email (we are a small team) and it would be great to convert a conversation to a ticket - is it possible ?

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Hello @SimonRoose , your question definitely has merit. Right now what I see the platform capable of doing is utilizing ServiceBot (freshservice’s integration with MS Teams) but this doesn’t let you capture a conversation and create a ticket from within the “Reply” section of the conversation.  if you want to take a current chat conversation and convert it into a ticket, you most likely will need to use MS Power Automate and the Freshservice API. 

To use service bot your agents can copy the contents of a conversation, go to the ServiceBot app (pinned to your left side bar of teams) and raise a ticket from there by telling ServiceBot you need to “Raise a ticket” and pasting in the conversation contents.

Just a thought. Hope this helps!

Hi, I think you can also try workativ’s chatbot integration with MS Teams for 70+ apps and pre-built workflows like create ticket, update ticket and more. You can have both your users and agents on MS Teams using the chatbot to agent handover on MS teams feature that lets you connect your users to agents via chatbot, create ticket and much more. Check here:

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Teams DEVOPS add-ins have a “More actions > Create issue” option. It would be great if you could take a chat message > … > more actions > Create Freshdesk ticket. Options in this menu are from add-ins like Zoom, Planner, Jira, DEVOPS, Polly. I’m sure you can register an action from here. 


For instance, clicking “Create task” asks me which task list or planner board to add the task to, and fills in some details based on the message.


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It would be good to submit this as an idea so it could be voted up rather than a general chat message.


Hello, this is listed a feature in the October release notes. 



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Hello, this is listed a feature in the October release notes. 



So, I can use the Teams app but cannot use the feature unless I pay an extra amount? $30 per user per month MORE, just to add a ticket from a Teams conversation? No thanks. That’s ridiculous. I can copy/paste the note instead.

Hello, if you’re refering to the feature being set as “Enterprise only”,  in the comments a Freshservice rep says:

 “Thank you for your interest. Happy to let you know that agents will be able to use the “create a ticket” message extension on all plans.

If a requester tries to use the message extension, then it won’t work on plans other than enterprise.

We are in the final stages of approval from Microsoft and likely will be able to release the feature by Oct 28th”

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Thank you for the clarification. That makes much more sense!