MSP and field templates

  • 14 December 2015
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currently working in MSP mode and we would like to have different ticket templates based on company, so each company can have different field templates.

Please advice how can we implement this scenario.


Vladimir Josifovski

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12 replies

Hi Vladimir

It is possible to display a dynamic form based on the "company" field's value.

Please let me know if more information is required on this, I'll send you a detailed E-mail and we can work on it.

Thanks and Regards 

Sandhya Sriraman

Thanks for the answer, looking forward to your email!


Vladimir Josifovski

I'm also curious as to how you could set this up

I would also like to see how this is all set up, if someone could get back to me.


Hi Shawn and Eddie 

Sure. I'll send you an E-mail with the details.

Thanks and Regards

Sandhya Sriraman

Hi the email didnt actually tell me how to set this up. It just told me it could be done.
Can it be done and if so how.


Has there been any real solution to this yet?

I don't suppose you could send me an email with this as well? 

Please send through email to me as well please. Cheers.


Hey, instead of sending all these individual emails, can you just turn this into a solution article and link it here? That's like...what that feature is for.

We would like to know this as well.  Freshdesk has ticket templates and in Freshservice I don't see this as an option.  Please send us the details so we can configure this for our trial.

Hi, I'd like to have the document as well. Can you please send it to me via email please ?