New ticket status added - waiting for vendor - How to mark that this is still considered an open ticket?

  • 4 February 2021
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I added a new ticket status called Waiting for Vendor.  I also added a field for agents called Vendor ticket number.  If we have to open a ticket with a vendor to help resolve the problem that was submitted in to us, we can change the status to waiting for vendor and if we have a ticket number we can key it in the vendor ticket number field.


The only problem is that when the ticket is in this new custom status, it does not think its open anymore.  When your on the All Unresolved Tickets screen, the tickets in this status do not show.  Technically they are not resolved because we are still waiting for a vendor.  Some vendors can take a long time, weeks or months, and we could easily forget about these tickets if they are not in view.  Tickets in this status do not show up in My Open and Pending tickets either.

How can we program custom ticket status fields to still signal to the system that its an open ticket?


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We utilize a custom ticket status in our instance and those tickets show up in the default view “All unresolved tickets”. I would check the filters assigned to the view and any view where you’d like to see these tickets.

The status currently set for “All unresolved tickets” is All unresolved in filters and we had to add the custom status to the other views where just Open and Pending were listed.

Here is a link to a support article I used to make these changes -


Thanks this is helpful!