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I am relatively new to FreshService.
I assisted in the bulk implementation and configuration.

Our Council went live with FreshService July 1st last year.

I know that we have only scratched the surface on what FreshService can do for us and was hoping to get/share some ideas with other FreshService Agents on how to improve it.


Thank you,

Jim Dumay

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Hi @Jim Dumay. Welcome to the Freshworks Community!

You’re in the right place and I am sure that our Freshservice users and agents who are a part of the community would have be able to share their ideas and work processes.

I am tagging a few folks within the community whose thoughts and experiences can be valuable here: @GlennA@mark.uther@MrsP8

The Freshworks Academy also has a course that may be of help to you - Freshservice Agent Fundamentals (you may want to log in/ sign up to access the course)

Hope this helps!

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Let us know what questions you have, the freshworks community is one of the reasons I enjoy using their products. We have a lot of flexibility in customization, so fire away with your ideas :)

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It’s great that you can see that there’s so much you could be doing with Freshservice but I suggest assessing the opportunity “from both ends.” That while others can point out how Freshservice has helped them (and will you), it’s also important - likely more important - to identify what’s needed by your organization and to seek solutions to these needs. So a pull in addition to the push of solutions :)