Number of Product Upgrades or ITSM releases in an Year

Hi Team,


I would like to about the amount of product upgrades that freshwork ITSM does in an year.



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Hi Jonathan, 


We have all our release details updated in our Product Updates section right here. 


Do subscribe and this should notify you every time we ship out new features & enhancements! 




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Since we started to work with Freshservice as a Partner a bit over a year ago I guess it has been coming approx 8-10 publically announced updates incl published release notes during the last year. In between various apps for orchestrations, integrations etc. as well as product extensions (by FW as well as from 3rd parties) has also been made available. One of the greatest benefits of FS vs some other tools (we also work with some other tools) is the rapid and constant evolution of the solution as well as the new functionality just gets added automatically without complex and massive upgrade projects.