Power Automate Ticket Connection vs Service Request

  • 29 July 2021
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Hi all, 

Rather new to the Low code environment with Power Auto, I am running into an issue with using the Fresh Service ‘Create a Ticket’ Connection. I see in the API Doc it states that a ticket can be recorded as a Incident or a Service Request. 

When trying to connect the API connection with in Power Automate with a Service Request the Trigger is avoided altogether when called but if the ticket is an Incident it will trigger. 

"method":"get","path":"/trigger/helpdesk/tickets.json"Is there a way for pulling a trigger for a Service Request instead of an Incident?Kind Regards,Cam

1 reply

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Did you get this working?


I would HIGHLY reccomend rolling your own create ticket connection and skipping the built in flow connection.  Use the HTTP action in Power Automate.