Projects Module - Limitation with Editing and Saving Changes

  • 2 February 2021
  • 1 reply

There seems to be a very serious limitation with the Projects module in Freshservice. Essentially, you have a ONE TIME opportunity to enter the name of a task or sub-task because if you make a mistake, you can’t save any rename edits - a “pen” icon is there that allows you to type in a new name, but there is no “save” option to apply the change.

As well, there is no ability to re-order tasks or insert new tasks between existing tasks. So you better get everything right the first time!

Freshservice, why is this such a glaring shortcoming of the module? It essential makes it useless...unless I am missing something here.

1 reply

Oh for goodness sakes, you have to hit “enter” for the change to apply. How unintuitive. 

Ok, one problem solved, now please add the ability to re-organize project task so changes can be made to the plan.