Report solution rate by agent group of total tickets in a category.

  • 1 December 2021
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Good Afternoon.

How can I create the following report:

- Resolution percentage % by agent group per category of tickets in a category.


- Category name: "Operating System"
- 12 tickets exist in this category
- 6 tickets out of these 12 tickets were solved by Team ABS
- this means 50% of the tickets in the operating system category were solved by ABS.

Thanks for the support :)

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Hello ,


Greetings from Freshservice!


I believe you are looking for the resolution percentage of tickets belonging to a particular category by various agent groups . This can be achieved using analytics widgets. Please navigate to Analytics and create a new report. Once a new report has been created, add a widget , with the module as tickets. 


Once a widget has been created , you will have to apply the filters accordingly. Please find the below screenshot.




In the above filter , the status is set to resolved and the category name is “ABS” . We will have to group the tickets by Agent Group Name so that we can get the resolution percentage of the tickets that were resolved by individual agent groups.


Once you apply the filter, you would find the data represented as shown in the below screenshot : 






Team Freshservice