Request service item without sending manager approval email

  • 30 September 2021
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We want to have a service catalog item call Password Reset, requesters would simply select that item, their name and application they need a password reset for. The problem is that it generates an email to their manager for approval. We are looking for way to stop sending that approval process. Any ideas?

3 replies

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Hello, you may use the workflow automater.


  1. is to have condition format, wherein if password reset, ‘yes’ set with no approver.
  2. perform a function ‘skip’


We tried this flow and it still sent the “approval for request” email to the requesters reporting manager. We made the requested item cost 1.00
So if the ticket was raised and the service cost was 1.00 then with the “action” of “skip new ticket email notification” the reporting manager still got the request for approval email.
Any ideas?

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Can you show me the whole workflow? if you are referring to password reset, you can directly select that service item in the condition.