Requester Import / Export via CSV in freshservice API?

  • 7 March 2022
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Does anyone know if there is any way to view a current bulk import of requesters, stop a current import, or start a new import? This feature appears to be available via the freshdesk API ( but not for the freshservice API (

This would be very useful since I started a bulk import of requeters over two days ago and it appears to be stuck. The web interface will not allow me to start a new import because it thinks the current one is still running.


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Hi @rmmiles 

Good Day!

Freshservice currently does not support viewing a current bulk-import nor can we stop it via the API.

Going by your description, it looks like your contact import has failed or is looping endlessly in the background. 

Please reach out to us at with the account URL & the type of import, and we will be able to delete this failing import and get you up and running in jiffy. 

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Hi, rmmiles


You can try out to import requests in bulk with a third-party app.


In case of any issues, you can get a report on what went wrong with the original errors. You can try to solve problems on your own or contact the support team. You can view the progress of your data import too. 


If you don’t know if the third-party app suits your need, test a Free Demo Migration. 

To learn more details, visit this site.