SCCM Integration - Stale Asset Information

  • 10 June 2022
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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone has experience integrating SCCM with Freshservice. I have two questions:

  1. When a client is removed from SCCM, it appears as though the last known data is stored in the probe in a SQLite (?) database. Even though the client is no longer in SCCM (and the maintenance activity has run), the probe continues to sync the stale data with Freshservice… Am I doing something incorrectly? How do I prevent the probe from syncing up asset information for devices that have been removed from SCCM?
  1. How are people dealing with returning a hardware asset back to “in stock”. For example, an employee leaves the organization, and the laptop is wiped. How do I remove all of the software from the asset in freshservice (so that my license counts are accurate)… without having to click on 100 pieces of software individually.

Appreciate any insights you might be able to provide!!


0 replies

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