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  • 7 January 2023
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I’m introducing Freshservice to our IT Department. What are your favorite, lesser known features that I can introduce them to? For example, canned responses and scheduler look very useful. Are there other features that aren’t commonly known that will make their lives easier?

2 replies

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  • Canned responses are a must especially if you want to get the ML going with the bot.
  • Slack integration for ticket management is also a must if you are a heavy Slack user across the org.
  • Workflow automation of requests is the holy grail for me in my use.  Couple that with orchestration into various systems for automated provisioning/deprovisioning.
  • Scenario Automations are great for quick automation of basic tasks such as automatically categorizing, assigning, meta tagging and adding notes all at once.
  • If you don’t have a good asset management tool, that’s baked into the product and you can associate assets (hardware or software) to people.
  • Project management is another great module that was recently introduced which allows you to tie change management into projects.  
  • Throughout the system, you can relate incidents, problems, changes, releases, projects, and assets to each other for a holistic picture of your environment.
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That’s a great start. Thanks!