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  • 21 December 2021
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Is it possible to get a hyperlink from a service catalog item so you can place that one item someone where it may get more traction, such as an employee intranet page?  I’m looking to put one of our Service Catalog Items directly on our Lending Intranet Page to help them streamline their lending platform issues being reported.  This would provide less clicks for staff looking around for answers, and direct them exactly where they need to be.

Has anyone done this before? Is it even something we can do?  I see we can add a hyperlink into a Service Catalog Item, but just am not able to find where a path would be for a certain Catalog item.


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3 replies

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If you go to the service item catalog. The url on the page is what you need.


IE: (Where 57 is the item#)


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@mmccoy I had used that hyperlink method, but found it would not allow anyone to view the Service Item.  If they were in the Service Catalog it loads fine for them, but through the link it gives them an error “You are not allowed to access this page!” but does show they are signed in.  Is there a trick?

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@Denise.S.P, if you are an agent you need to go to the portal view and find the service item from there to get the link. The link should include ‘support’ in the URL like below


if you don’t use this method the user will be attempting to access the agent view of the service item which they don’t have access too.