Service Requests and Changes

  • 2 July 2014
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We are new to ITIL and are trying to wrap our heads around everything.  I think we have incidents vs problems, incidents vs service requests, and changes and releases understood but I feel as though we are missing something when it comes to incidents/services requests spawning Changes.  Freshservice allows you to create a problem or change from an incident ticket.  However, if the ticket type is changed to a service request, you can no longer create a change (or problem, though that one makes sense to me).  Could a user's service request not require a change that needs use the Change -> Release functionality?

Also, I don't see a way for a user to specify if their request is an incident (or in their minds a "problem") or a request.  Am I missing something here?

Many thanks!

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6 replies

Hi Rob,

Welcome to the wonderful world of ITIL! And of course, welcome to Freshservice. :)

Could you please share a use case where you think a service request would have to be converted into a change or release? Regarding users being able to specify a service request, we are coming up with a service catalogue pretty soon. So users can go to the service catalogue and select. This will ensure that the ticket is automatically marked as a service request and not incident by default.

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks for the information on the service catalog, that will be helpful when it is available.  As for the service request being converted into a change/release, it may be my unfamiliarity with ITIL, but say a user creates a ticket asking for modifications to a report that they currently have access to.  Upon looking into their request, the request isn't a standard change type change and would need to be documented.  It would seem like being able to link that request to the change/release would be useful.  Perhaps I'm thinking about the process incorrectly or categorizing their request incorrectly.



If you feel a service request is major enough to get approval from somebody in the team, you can always make use of the 'Request Approval' feature right inside the service request window (Incident tab). 

When it comes to service requests, they are usually what the user is normally entitled to as part of the SLA. That said, your case for linking a service request to a change or release seems valid - though it seems to be a rare case, it is a very valid case. We have added it to the roadmap.


Thanks for the tip and adding it to the roadmap!

I too am in a similar boat regarding converting service requests into a change or release. Let's say for example an end user logs a service request to change or add functionality to a website page, from the submitted request we would like to make change requests, furthermore add releases. 

Any help on this would be much appreciated. 

Hi All,

  Ability to raise a change request from a service request is available now.