SR creation based on the Project Task/Sub-Task

  • 25 December 2022
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I have a project Setup in the Project Management Module of the Fresh Service with Tasks and Sub-Tasks along with Scheduled Start and End Date/Time.

Here is what is am looking for:

  • Based on the schedule of the Sub-Task, It should automatically create a SR request and assigned to the appropriate Group. 

For example, There is a Task to Run the VM Scanning every month on 1st. Hence, i created a Task Called VM Scanning and created a 12 Sub-Tasks for each month. Each Sub-Task is schedule for 1st of respective month and ends after a week. 

So, Is there any way that every month on 1st, at 08:00 AM a SR can be generated automatically and a respective Task is attached to it, and assigned to a group to work on it. As soon as the Agent finish the task and update the Task in Ticket/ or a Ticket, the Task in the Project management should be updated with the notes and status.


How do I achieve the same,? 

0 replies

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