'Stage' vs 'Status' for a Service Request

  • 26 September 2019
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Hello World (newbie here),

I have a question regarding the Service Request. Unlike Incidents, where 'Status' makes sense, I see an additional field i.e 'Stage' on Service Request. I get the idea behind it, but why do we need Status and Stage both for a Service Request?

Is there a rationale behind it that I am not able to think of? Thanks in advance!



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Hi Vikrant,

The use case for a separate stage field is:
You might have multiple service items associated to the same service request. Stage helps you track where each service item is in its lifecycle.

For example:
A service request can look like this:

#SR Request for Accessories - Status: Pending
 1. Laptop: Stage: Fulfilled
2. Mouse: Stage: Requested
3. Keyboard: Stage: Partially Fulfilled

Being able to track stage and status individually gives more granularity. Hope this helps!