Tasks - so limited it hurts

  • 12 June 2014
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Tasks are killing me. They should provide information about the ticket they are related to, but don't. There's no way to add a placeholder into a task that refers to the parent ticket. Thus, if every possible bit of information isn't manually entered into the task, which is required for the task executor, then they have no way of getting more info.

That is to say: If you assign me a task, and I have a question about it, there's absolutely no way for me to know: who assigned the task, what ticket it is related to, or anything else about its context. 

Also, there's no possible way for the task to convey information back to the task-setter. No notes can be added, nothing except a status change. 

Tasks need to be more like child tickets, with much more functionality. 

Is there anyway to create maybe a separate incident that's related back to another incident? 

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2 replies

Bill,  Try posting this in Feature Requests.   I too am pained by tasks, but I think that gets a little more traffic.

We did have a few minor improvements to the parent child tasks. Right now, you can create tasks inside Incidents, problems, changes and releases. You can right now see due date, assigned to, status and set reminders.