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  • 17 February 2015
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Note: This isnt a tip, but a question for the freshdesk users. Unfortunately the forums provided do not seem to provide a way to engage in an open ended discussion so I'll leave this up to the admins to decide the proper place for it.

"Time is the school in which we learn,

Time is the fire in which we burn."

- Delmore Schwartz 1938

For many IT companies, TIME is a primary commodity. Help desk teams staff and cover hours, quantify growth needs by time spent, pay employees by the hours worked and of course charge clients for the time we spend. The trick has always been time reporting. 

In the old days you punched IN at work, you did the job functions and you punched OUT of work. Simple and easy, your time card merely recorded when you got there and when you left so the assumption was that time in between was doing your job. These days GETTING to work is one of the easy markers. At any time teams can be answering tickets based on phone calls, emails, chat etc... and how are we supposed to keep track of the time we spend when it stops and starts so frequently?

With this question in mind I would like to ask those here how they handle time. Freshdesk offers us a timer and bulk time addition feature but I wanted to see if anyone has any handy tips for the multitasking octopus with multiple active tickets and a phone ringing. Remembering to stop and start can be confusing or cause a slowdown as you sort it out. 

What do you do?

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1 reply

@Markdid you get any tips on this? I think the answer is with great difficulty! ;-)